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moveSQL™ FAQ:
What does moveSQL™ do?

moveSQL™ allows users to transfer tables from one SQL database to a different SQL database. Currently moveSQL™ supports moving tables from MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MS_SQL.

Is moveSQL™ secure?

Yes, you must have the administrator user-name and password to both databases to be able to transfer data from one database table to another database table.  Thus, no one who does not have rights can use moveSQL™.

Does moveSQL™ support floating-point data?

Yes, but keep in mind that floating-point data (ie:  123.456) is subject to the database engines.  Meaning one database engine may look at the 123.456 and say it is 123.45, while another database engine may hold that as 123.46 or even 123.5 with double-round support.  moveSQL™ does not account for those database engine idiosyncrasies.  Please always review the data, especially floating-point to ensure data continuity.

Do I have to type in the database server address each time?

No.  Just right mouse click in the server address box and a set of remembered options will be presented.  Click the desired item and it will be put into the address box automatically.  moveSQL™ remembers up to 25 servers and anytime one is not found it is added to the first spot.  The last position would then be dropped from the list.

Is there a way to export the data to a different file format?

moveSQL™ only moves SQL data from one table to another database table.  Therefore, the answer is no, but there could be other utilities introduced by dBase that will have that functionality.

What are the steps needed to move tables from one database to another?

Three simple steps…

  1. Pick your source database and table(s),
  2. Pick you destination database
  3. Click the transfer button!

That is it, moveSQL™ is a simple intuitive data management tool that gets the job done!

Where do I find the latest information on moveSQL™?
Where do I find the latest support information on moveSQL™?